New Site, Finally...

Finally, I found some time to update my web server (from Ubuntu 14.04) and the web site from Wordpress to Hugo. I had this change in my mind for long time, the real preventing thought for me, more than finding time to do the change, was to find a static site generator that supports markdown or asciidoc, creating a couple of static pages and a simple blog. I used Jekyll and Sphinx for different reasons in the past, and I really liked the idea of statically generating web pages and simplifying the web server’s responsibilities for a simple web server.

I have chosen Hugo, as my static site generator, because I wanted to use something written in go, and I found the Coder theme that I liked, simple and functional. Started with Hugo quickstart and finished writing this blog post after 1 hour, It was that fast. 🔥

Hugo is simple, as long as you need, but if you want it to be powerful, you can have that too. It is up to you. The thing that I liked the most, I was able to modify the theme without actually modifying the theme, just overridden some files and variables, as much as the necessity and I was done.

I don’t plan to serve this site from my own server, which I can do but my new server is not ready yet, and I want to try Netlify. No specific reason, just to try it.

After this web site change, I hope that I write on my blog more often. We will see.